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Underpinning, Durban & Surrounds

Underpinning and solid foundation contractors and service suppliers for building support and strength.

Pinnacle Structural Repair Specialists

Unique House, First Floor, Suite No. 2, 66 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban North, 4051
Incl. Building & Alterations, Foundation Problems
Underpinning of all foundations, stitching and repairs. We investigate the root cause and fix the problem. Our team of underpinning and jack piling professionals offers a single-source solution. We have the experience to provide the highest quality workmanship on schedule and within budget. The importance of earthworks cannot be stressed enough as it is the foundation for the remainder of the structure. At Pinnacle Industries, we are experienced in the processes of Foundation Construction, Sub-Grade compaction as well as Water Reticulation. We pride ourselves in having a clear understanding of a wide range of contributing factors which affect earthworks that include soil behavior, compaction and placement processes, design standards, and the practical limitations of the material to meet the challenge. We are well recognized, respected and our underpinning or piling services are of a very high standard of quality. We bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment to every job or repair we undertake.


9 Blessing Ninela Road, Hillcrest
Incl. Building & Alterations, Foundation Problems
Underpinning and piling specialists in KwaZulu-Natal with over over 25 years of knowledge and experience. We have over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the highly specialized field of geotechnical and structural engineering. We have built our company up to tackle foundation repair with our varies methods of underpinning and micro pilling. We can pile 200 dia and 300 dia Auger piles as well as the conventional Jack Pile which sits underneath a foundation. In clay/shale type materials, the piles will reach refusal at around 35 to 50 SPTn values depending on the depth of the pile. In Berea red soils we generally reach sufficient friction at around 6m-8m deep. We have carried out tests and comply with the SABS 1200F requirements. Should higher loadings be required, the piles can be effectively clustered to give the required strength. Our underpin piles have a cantilevered pile cap design which connects the pile to the underside of the foundation. Foundations can be jacked; however we don’t encourage this (as it often results in unnecessary damage to the rest of the structure). The system is ideally suited to confined spaces as we can work with as low as 2.2m of head room and the equipment can be carried through a normal doorway. Our piles do have some limitations and are not suited to all ground conditions. However, through innovation and adaptation of our systems, we are nearly always able to provide a solution that will meet specific requirements. Should you have specific questions please contact us.
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