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Welcome to The Grapevine. We are a popular, free, direct-response directory for home improvement contractors, services & products as well as any other home / family-related businesses.

We are celebrating 32 years of advertising excellence in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Durban's most popular home improvement advertising directory! Grow your business with us!

We are Durban's largest home improvement ads directory. We help homeowners find the best professionals for their home improvement projects.

We help homeowners find the best professionals for their home improvement projects and any other products and services they may need.

6 Reasons why you should advertise in the The Grapevine!


The Grapevine is a specialist product

The goto business directory when they are looking to improve their homes, holiday homes and business premises.


A household name and in business for 32 years

The Grapevine has in this time, built a reputation in the advertising sector for excellence, honesty and integrity.


Free design of full-colour ads

We know what works in The Grapevine and we want your advert to work for you so that you keep on advertising with us. Let us advise you and design the optimum ad for your business.


SEO Optomisation

We constantly monitor and optimise our site with Google and other search engines for maximum impact and exposure.


Regular, long-term advertisers, some for 31 years!

This is proof that advertising in The Grapevine works and their testimonials back that claim.


We are committed to service excellence

in all departments from the quality of the adverts to the relations we build with each advertiser.


Testimonials What our advertisers have to say

  • The Grapevine has been a very effective marketing tool - we recommend it to any business looking for new clients

    Justin Mc Garry, Alliance Security
  • Established advertising business, compact advertising booklet and fixed drop off time schedule. Being able to deal with responsible people.

    Robbie Moore, Mend-A-Bath International
  • Good exposure, handy magazine size, reputation for having a variety of home products. The magazine is well known and distributed to people's homes on a regular basis.

    Karen Maiden, Ecology Plastics
  • The Grapevine is a well established medium when it comes to marketing our product/service. This magazine is widely distributed and user-friendly. The wide exposure this magazine warrants.

    Manoj Manilal, Precast & Razor Wire Specialist
  • Assured distribution - The Grapevine gives me consistent leads.

    Peter Bresler, Magnador

    The best place to grow your business online!

    Rose McDonald

    The Grapevine is the best opportunity for you to grow your business!

    The Grapevine is extremely popular with the public and has proved to be an effective and powerful marketing tool for the advertisers in Durban and surrounding areas.

    If you need to get your message out there and connect with home and business owners, give us a call to find out more and to get our advertising rates.

    We will design your advert ar a nominal charge and distribute it via our website, newsletter and social media profiles every month.

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    Get your message out to the public!

    Advertising in The Grapevine is a cost effective way to reach thousands of home and business owners in KwaZulu-Natal. We have a variety of advertising options to suit your budget and needs.

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