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Spring is sprung - Time to spruce up your home with the Grapevine!

September is the first month of Spring, and what better time to get all those nasty problems and "must do" jobs around the house, done and out of the way. Often unsightly (or worse, out of sight) maintenance issues can come back to bite you if they are just ignored. As anyone who has bought a house will know, the patent (visible) defects are often less serious than the latent (hidden) defects, so now is the time to act. Just think how satisfied you will feel if you get as many of the maintenance and repair jobs out of the way so that you can spend your summer laid back and relaxed. AND... if you are thinking of additionsalterations or renovations, you need to get your contractors booked now before they get busy with "I must have it before Christmas" jobs.

Let’s start with the exterior...

The garden – get any problem trees trimmed/removed before the ground gets muddied by the summer rains. Prepare your lawns for optimum growth once the rains starts by fertilizing and top dressing now. A landscaper can advise you on the best course of action. Book a garden service to do the weekly/monthly tidy and maintenance – it will free you up for more leisure time.

Get your pool looking sparkling and inviting before the swimming season. A pool company can advise you on what needs to done – it may be as simple as needing the correct chemical treatment or a filter pump service, or it may require something more intensive like leak repairs and a re-lining. Investigate the options – fibreglass or re-marbling – each have their pros and cons. A great water and money savings innovation is having the water in your pool syphoned out into a portable storage "tank" to be kept until the renovated pool is ready to be filled again. Ask your pool contractor if they offer that service. Is your paving unsightly with years of algae growth? Pressure cleaning and sealing will work wonders and restore it to looking smart.

Automation. Now is the time to get your driveway and garage door automation systems serviced and the battery back-up checked. There is nothing worse than being "locked" out of your own property. If you are lucky, you get hold of a service technician, but who is then going to charge you after hours rates!

Sundecks and all wooden surfaces. Annual sanding and sealing will extend the life of wood indefinitely, so safeguard your investment and have an elegant leisure area ready for your entertaining. The same goes for wooden cabins and fences – keeping the wood treated will protect it against rot and pests.

The top of the house – you know there were roof leaks last rainy season and time has slipped by without them being attended to (out of sight, out of mind!) Don’t wait for another big storm to make you regret not fixing the roof. High pressure cleaning will get your roof looking great again and helps prolong the life of some roofing materials. Gutters also need cleaning out, fixing and perhaps replacing – a gutter garden prevents that precious rainwater from going into your water harvesting tanks.

Moving downwards, exterior walls may need a re-furbish, especially if those blocked gutters have been overflowing. A new coat of paint will make your home look fantastic at realitively little cost. If you like the look of facebrick and you never want to have to paint again, brick tiles will give your house a brand new, classic look.

Now is also the time to replace windows and doors – decorative wooden, aluminium or uPVC are all available in The Grapevine. Maybe the existing windows just need to be re-sealed, re-puttyed and re-painted - we have maintenance/handyman companies who will see to all of those niggly jobs for you, while you sit back and enjoy their efforts.

Now indoors...

Airconditioning – don’t wait until it’s 30 degrees outside and the humidity is making life unbearable. Airconditioners need an annual clean and service. Filters get clogged which puts the compressor under severe strain which could lead to higher costs.

Insect and pest screens keep the summer "noo noos" out but keep the fresh air coming in. They are also serve to keep monkeys and reptiles out of the house (no more ghecko poo everywhere!)

Upholstery. Maybe your chairs just need a deep cleaning to make them look better, but if they are too far gone for that, replacing the fabric or getting that torn leather restored will make a world of difference. You will get a brand new look with all the comfort of your old furniture and at a fraction of the cost.

If you maintain your home you will save a great deal of money in the long run, so contact our advertisers for assistance and advice.

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