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Fineline Mirror Doors, Durban

Fineline Mirror Doors

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Decodor, Durban


Rustproof, waterproof, UV Resistant and maintenance free. What more could you ask for. Decodor brings you premier European-quality interior PVC concertina doors, and is the ideal "space saver" for the discerning client who requires a top quality, aesthetically pleasing interior PVC folding door in an area where space is limited. We provide a compact interior door solution that guarantees privacy without requiring the space normally taken up by a full door. Our PVC folding doors are manufactured to stringent European specifications and are comprised of PVC panels that hang from a top rack, and feature the flexibility of folding backwards and forwards as required. The lockable silver or bronze door handle and matching key are manufactured from aluminium. Decodor panels are hinged together by means of a capturing spine. This means that your Decodor space saver doors wil

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