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Concrete Products

Concrete products in Kwazulu Natal

Emoyeni Beam & Block

Suspended Flooring | Slabs | Concrete Products

Manufacturers and installers on beam and block decking.

We specialise in:

  • Prestressed Concrete, Fast Slab, Beam & Block
  • Concrete structural beams, columns, pillars & reinforcing
  • New polystyrene Block & Beam Decking Systems - Reliable, light, Strong & quick to install
  • All work done to engineering specifications
  • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial work

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KZN Solar

Energy Saving Products | Solar Products

Professional & Experienced Installers of Kwitkit Solar Geysers, Heat Pumps, Geyserwise controllers.

KZN Solar has been operating in the KwaZulu Natal area since 2007.  We have completed over 3000 Solar Geyser and Heat Pump installations and around 8000 low pressure Solar Geyser installations.

We have established relationships with some of the biggest solar suppliers in Durban and strive to offer the best service possible. 

  • The Solar Geysers and Collectors we supply come with a 5 year suppliers warranty.
  • We install Geyserwise control units with all of our systems.
  • We offer free, no obligation quotes in the Greater Durban area.

Prepaid Meters KZN

Energy Saving Products | Electrical Products & Electricians

Save up to 70% on your geyser bill. By installing a geyser timer and blanket.

Prepaid Meters KZN specialises in electricity and water consumption management. Founded in 2012, Prepaid Meters KZN is located in Hillary, Durban (about 20km away from Central Durban). We service to both private homes and businesses. Landlords looking to protect yourself from tenants unpaid electricity bills or are you simply looking to control your electricity and water consumption OR If you are a business, our corporate products mainly include electric energy metering devices, electric energy collection and automatic management system.


Apollo Solar Technology

Energy Saving Products | Solar Products | Geysers

Retro-fit flat panel solar geyser conversion

We at Apollo solar technology’s suppliers convert your current electrical installed geyser to a solar geyser. The old electrical geyser is used as a tank to store your water while the solar panel, commonly installed on your roof, generates the hot water needed for your household. This is a very affordable solar geyser installation. See our range of solar flat panel conversions or our evacuated tube system solar geyser conversions.
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Concrete products in Kwazulu Natal
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