Chatsworth Scam

Dear Grapevine Advertiser

Please be aware of the following scam that is taking place in the Chatsworth area.

The Scam

An Indian male who goes by the name of Dale Samuels or Dale Naidoo will phone and pretend to find out about placing a big order. He will ask to meet in Chatsworth at 140 Camper Rd (off Havenside Rd). After meeting Dale, he will suggest that the Wimpy will be a great place to conduct the business meeting - his treat. He will also mention that it is his birthday and will receive calls to 'substantiate' this claim. His car (if he has one) is not visible and therefore asks you to drive to the Wimpy. Once in the car he mentions that Gavin from QProp will be meeting with us at the Wimpy. His directions are sketchy and claims that this is because he is down on business from Joburg and cannot remember the way to Wimpy.

He then does an about turn and quickly suggests that because it is his birthday, he feels like a beer and asks if you will join him for a celebratory drink. You reluctantly accept thinking what place will serve alcohol at 09h15 BUT he then directs you to a residential address which has a shebeen at the back of the house. He orders alcohol (in my case, 2 six packs - some for Gavin of course) and then realizes that he has forgotten his wallet at home. He then directs you to another address and asks you to park on the pavement, he cracks a beer and asks some very vague questions about your product, telling you that you have secured his business. After feeling very uneasy, I told him I had to leave and dropped him off at another address in Camper Rd - not the same address as when I picked him up before and this prevents him from paying you the money that you shelled out for the beer.

This may seem like a harmless scam, someone looking for a free beer or a free meal but who knows if there are other motives that might take place. Be very wary and please send this out to all Grapevine clients.

Thank you

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