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The place to advertise your home improvement business to get the best results in Durban!
The Grapevine has been a very effective marketing tool - we recommend it to any business looking for new clients
Justin Mc Garry, Alliance Security
Established advertising business, compact advertising booklet and fixed drop off time schedule. Being able to deal with responsible people.
Robbie Moore, Mend-A-Bath International
0312626143 / 0828825826
Handy size book, good response, well-known and reliable.
Roan Campbell, Wonder Bars
0317660027 / 0823743774
Good response from nicely presented adverts. Distribution is good.
Maureen, Gutterwise
Good content, good response - it’s a popular publication
Jan Van Der Merwe, Design-A-Deck
Reliable professional coverage. Response from customers
Gordon Scott, Pave Seal
0319164205 / 0836551730
Great service, advertising works and co-operative staff. Advertising works.
S.U Hoosen, Silver Lining.
0312072410 / 0839268386
Good exposure, handy magazine size, reputation for having a variety of home products. The magazine is well known and distributed to people's homes on a regular basis.
Karen Maiden, Ecology Plastics
0315694305 / 0823211032
Our advertising in this mag is effective – bottom line. Advert "life" is longer than other similar mediums. Our advert reaches our specific target market via this medium and is effective in generating enquiries.
Glenn Jones, Built in Concepts
0315791725 / 0824666503
The Grapevine is a well established medium when it comes to marketing our product/service. This magazine is widely distributed and user-friendly. The wide exposure this magazine warrants.
Manoj Manilal, Precast & Razor Wire Specialist
0314015888 / 0832747083
Popularity of Magazine, good service and comprehensive guide for home reconstruction. Prompt service"
Dinisha, All Steel Fencing
0861777576 / 0798816927
Assured distribution - The Grapevine gives me consistent leads.
Peter Bresler, Magnador
0219310150 / 0827776019
Professional service and excellent quality. Excellent feedback from advert.
Leon Mandhiri, Magnum
0314014533 / 0837782408
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